After the Elites became fully developed, the group was separated into different squads. They chose the four oldest members to lead each squad, the squad leaders then given the power to choose their members. 

Squad DesmondEdit

The first squad to be created, Squad Desmond stands as the leader for most of the group's expeditions. This squad tends to be the first one in battle and the first one to spot titans. Its members include: Desmond Herbert (Squad Leader), Jackson Klaus (Second-In-Command), Sophie Packard, Martin Redding, Flint Billings, and George Billings.  The members seem to get along well, though they don't talk much on the field. 

Squad JaredEdit

Squad Jared is the second squad created by the Elites, led by Jared Taft. The squad's specialty is teamwork, the members having known each other since childhood. The members are: Jared Taft (Squad Leader), Jean Von Ripley (Second-In-Command), William Smith, Kia Apfel, Lenore Erikson, and Charles Ramirez-Martinez.

Squad DamonEdit

Squad Damon is considered to be the strongest squad throughout the group because of the fact that it includes the top three of the trainees and the group's only nurse. The members are: Damon Cautela (Squad Leader), Thalia Cautela (Second-In-Command), Atlas Celestia Cautela, Maximus Mnestis, Josefino Ortegas, and Reyna Claymore

It was going to be disbanded during the first expedition, due to a disagreement between Damon and Atlas. Thankfully, it was saved by Thalia and Maximus. 

Squad AgathaEdit

Squad Agatha is the only squad in the Elites led by a woman. Thalia fully supports this squad, often threatening Damon that she would move to Squad Agatha if they don't treat her well. Its members include: Agatha Christopherson (Squad Leader), Gabriel Auburn (Second-In-Command), Freya Christopherson, Clementine Yetter, Jasper Gregson, and Hannah Sahara.

So far, this squad is the only one to not have any disagreements nor losses.