Thalia Cautela
Thalia still
Name Thalia Cautela
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday January 4, 835
Height 152 cm
Weight 48 kg
Affiliation Scouting Legion The Elites
Grad Rank 2nd
Species Human
Status Alive
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Thalia Cautela (Thal-ya Kô-tel-a) is a member of The Elites, sister to Damon Cautela and Atlas Celestia Cautela, and second-in-command in Squad Damon.


Thalia Cautela is a girl of relatively short height with a small and not very muscular build. She has medium-length brown hair that is sometimes kept in a braid and dark brown eyes. Her skin is very pale (not unlike her sister) and mildly transparent, whereas you can see her veins. Thalia's casual attire consists of a white dress and a vest on top. When on-duty, she wears the standard Survey Corps uniform with a yellow top underneath. She rarely matches a jacket with her uniform, since she finds the thing annoying and has probably stashed it somewhere. She has the Wings of Freedom tattooed on her whole back and a wooden bracelet with "Wall Maria" carved onto it.

Thalia and her siblings appear to have a mix of Asian and Spanish heritage. 


Surrounded by friends or friends of her friends, Thalia is never alone. Her teamwork is considerable, although she takes on leadership unknowingly at times. She is very quick to question authority and often has a harsh, sarcastic tone to her voice. Thalia is known to be quite condescending when dealing with other people outside of her family. She shows little respect for anyone who doesn't respect her. She deals with her siblings in a protective manner, never hesitating to use force to keep them safe. 

Thalia isn't very quick to anger, but will argue if needed. She speaks her mind and will try her best to mask her true emotions under her stoic face. She's not very good at hiding her sadness.


Thalia Cautela was born in Azkov, a small, yet overpopulated town located outside of the Shiganshina District in Wall Maria. Most of her family stayed in the same town and probably died during the Fall.

Being the second-born child of the Cautela Family, all responsibilities were given to her as well as her brother. It led to her being more mature than other children. She was a well-kept in child with her siblings and had little friends. Their only friends were the Mnestis family, who only came to visit Wall Maria since they stayed in Wall Rose. 

During the Fall, the Cautela children were already headed to Wall Rose to meet their parents, who were waiting for them in Wall Sina. They did not witness the Fall nor see the Colossal Titan but they heard and read about it upon arriving in the Aleganti District of Wall Sina.


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