Some of The Elite's members. From left to right: Jean Von Ripley, Jared Taft, Sofie Packard, Martin Redding, Josefino Ortegas, Thalia Cautela, Maximus Mnestis, Damon Cautela, Reyna Claymore, Hannah Sahara, and Atlas Cautela.

The Elites are a group of trainees from the 105th Trainees Squad. Although often accused of dropping out, they were actually pulled out before they began training for an unknown reason and sent back to the reclaimed wasteland.

The Military, upon hearing of the trainees being pulled out, arranged for all 24 of them to be transported to the west side of Wall Sina to be investigated. With a group of the most unlikely soldiers to work together, they let the Elites serve through an experiment with retired Military Police officer Selene Noble and also retired Garrison officer Darwin Barnes.

After their graduation, they were not given a choice as to which branch of the military to serve and weren't specified as to which one they belong in. However, they were given the Survey Corps uniform and equipment before they were told to stay outside the walls until further instructions.

They were still ranked to indicate which members are the most skilled. The top ten include, in order: Damon Cautela, Thalia Cautela, Atlas Celestia Cautela, Jean Von Ripley, Josefino Ortegas, Maximus Mnestis, Desmond Herbert, Agatha Christopherson, Reyna Claymore, and Jared Taft.   


3D Maneuver Gear ModificationsEdit

During the Elites' first years, they were treated as testing subjects for modifications in gear; mainly the 3DMG. Most of the modifications were either considered useless or too dangerous for normal soldiers, which is why they were given to the Elites.

Known modifications:

  • Underwater Gear
  • Double Gas
  • Flare Launcher
  • Minimal Storage